Turkish Embassy in Vilnius

Ambassador's Biography

Name, Surname         : Aydan YAMANCAN

Place/Date of Birth    : Sarıkamış/24.12.1965

Marital Status           : Married–1 Daughter

Foreign Languages    : English

University                : Ankara University–Faculty of Political Science

                                – Department of International Relations,1988





1988-1989  Attaché, Personnel Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1989-1991  Attaché, Deputy Directorate-General of International Political Organisations,
                Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1991-1993  Third Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Warsaw
1993-1995  Second Secretary, Department of International Economic Organisations,
                Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1995-1999  First Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Prague
1999-2001  First Secretary, Deputy Directorate-General of International Organisations, 
                Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2001-2005  Counsellor, Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv
2005-2007  Head of Department, Department for Bilateral Relations with European Countries,
                Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2007-2010  Consul General, Consulate-General of Turkey in Mainz (Germany)
2010-2011  Head of Department, Department of Bilateral Relations with European Countries,
                Ministry of Foreign  Affairs
2011-2014  Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Director General, Deputy Directorate-
                General for Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
01.06.2014 Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in Vilnius